My goal, always, is for you to LOVE your wedding photos. 

Your vibe will create unique photographs that you will absolutely adore.

Our connection will allow your personality to shine on through in a way that you've never seen yourself in your pictures. 

It's that simple :)

- Jenny Eaglesham



Guys, thanks for finding me!! 

See all those smiley faces?! That's no mistake! I completely get that it can be awkward being in front of the camera. It's my job to create a space where you feel comfortable to be yourself. Your wedding day reflects your history as a couple and is a celebration of what's to come. I believe in the power of photography, pictures allow you visit moments whenever you want to, this is such a beautiful thing. It's a privilege to capture and share them with you. 




My Photography Style

Classic, candid, bright colors, bold black + white, and so many emotions. I am inspired by documentary photography (pictures of real life happening), by nature (colors, smells, and the way I feel outside), and by what's happening around me. Learn more about my approach to documenting your day here. 

Why I do this

Photographs are pretty incredible way of preserving the stories that are continually happening around us. Before doing photography as a job, I worked full time as a nurse. During this time, I did photography for fun, and realized that sharing peoples stories through pictures is...awesome. The connections I get to make with people in both roles are so special because they typically happen at pivotal points in life.  I am currently studying photojournalism, and am always looking for ways to make life more interesting. 






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