You simply can’t stage reality.
Pictures that portray your celebration how it was is what sets your day apart from the others.

Guys, thanks for finding me! Choosing your wedding photographer can be overwhelming. A good place to start is to decide on what style & approach suit you best (learn more about my approach to photography here).

As a person who appreciates creativity, photography has always been an important piece of my life. I spent a good chunk of my adult life working as nurse. Photographing people found me in 2012 when a group of bodybuilders approached me to document their journey to the stage, which led to documenting weddings.

Turns out I love it.

As a general rule (in life and business), I believe in an underpinning of simplicity, kindness, and laughter. I love to travel, drink coffee, eat good food and spend time with all of the important people in my life.

Photojournalism and environmental portraiture (portraits of people in their natural environment) are my favourite types of photography. Both inspire the way I take pictures, as does nature itself, along with the energy of my surroundings (you!).

Nothing is more authentic that what is happening in real life, and it's important to me that when you look at your pictures, that you see and feel your family, friends and yourselves .

  - Jenny Eaglesham, Prairie Glow Photography

Birds Hill

Here are some of the people + places that have helped me learn: