6 ideas to help you choose what to wear to your photoshoot

6 ideas to help you choose what to wear to your photoshoot


By far the most asked question before a shoot….’what do we wear’? I’ll start with this- what you wear is totally up to you. I mean, there are “rules” (air quote)……but you want your pictures to look like you, right? I want you to look great, but at the end of the day I care mostly about the connection between you. If you like to dress up, great! If jeans and a pair of vans are you thing, then go for it. Here are some short and sweet suggestions that I often give client before we meet up, take from it what you need:

1. Comfort

This is a simple concept and of course how you dress is completely up to you. Comfort is an individual thing, and what one person considers comfy can be quite different from the next. There’s no right or wrong! If you pick something that you like, and that you physically feel comfortable in you will likely feel more relaxed. When you see yourself in something you like, your photos will feel more ‘you’.


2. Complement one another, rather than being matchy match

If you’re not sure what I mean by complementary colour take a peek at my Pinterest board here. The whole idea is to pick a few colours that go together and work with them. Avoid being matchy match match (you know, jeans and a white shirt for everyone), when people do this, that matchyness will stand out way more than your personalities.

3. Keep it simple

Less is more. Super intense patterns and logos can be distracting in a picture especially when more than one person is involved. Simplicity works in every aspect of life, especially when you’re having a picture taken.

4. Patterns are ok in moderation

That said, patterns are totally OK in moderation. If one person is wearing a plaid, polkadots (♥️), stripes, or zebra print for all it matters, it’s usually OK as long as the colours coordinate with the other people. Sometimes wording can be ok, but if it isn’t relevant to the photo, can be a distraction.

5. Spice it up!

Hats and scarves and jewellery- fancy or unfancy. Accessories are a great thing as they look cool & can add a lot to the picture, especially if it’s something that is unique to you and relevance to our surroundings when we’re shooting.

6. Colors pop, use them if you want to stand out

This is especially true when the background is nature based like green trees, white snow, etc. It also works well with one coloured walls. Bring along a sweater or jacket that you can pop on, it’ll only add to your pictures.

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