The magic behind natural & stunning photos is feeling comfortable.

Here’s how it works.



I’m big on no pressure. Once we chat (in person, Skype or on the phone), all I will need from you is a deposit & signed contract. This saves your date and can all be done electronically. Please feel welcome to email me with any questions you may have.

ENGAGEMENT SESSION/pre-wedding shoot

This comes with your base package (and is also available on it’s own if that’s all you’re looking for). The reason I offer this, is because it’s practice for your wedding- for all of us. I will be (literally) super close to you during your wedding. After we do this shoot you won’t even notice me. Plus, you get a chance to see what you like about your photos, and what you might not. We have no time constraints, and can be really creative.


I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out that pretty much asks you about every possible detail about your wedding. We will already have chatted about most of this, but this will make sure that we don’t miss anything. I’ll create a timeline from there for us to work from that will create a stress free shooting schedule for the day.


I take a hands off approach for the majority our time together. I'll be shooting the day as it happens through the time you are getting ready, the ceremony, and at the reception. What you are doing naturally during these times is more authentic than anything I can direct. I will be more hands on through family portraits to make sure they flow seamlessly. During your portraits, I’ll give you and your partner plenty of direction to get the best possible shots.


I will be in touch with a few sneak peeks the day after your wedding (because seriously…how can you wait!!). You can expect your fully edited gallery anywhere between 4-8 weeks after your wedding.

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