Jenny was the perfect photographer for us. Our intimate cabin wedding was captured so beautifully because she found those candid moments between us and our guests. We truly appreciate how warm and laid back Jenny is. She made us feel comfortable and at ease. We can’t stop looking at our wedding photos!

-Jenna + Dave, Westhawk MB

Photographs are an incredible way of preserving the stories that are constantly happening around you, and it’s amazing to see yourself caught in a moment that may have slipped you by otherwise. I completely understand that it can be awkward being in front of the camera. It's my job to create a space where you feel comfortable to be yourself. 

If you are camera shy, or not sure what to do, we will be a great fit. If you love being in front of the camera, we will be a great fit too. Because we will have already chatted before your wedding, I'll already have a good idea of what and who are important to you. The key to great photos is feeling comfortable together, which is why we have a pre-wedding ‘engagement’ shoot.

I take a hands off approach for the majority our time together. I'll be documenting during the time you are getting ready, the ceremony, and at the reception. What you are doing during naturally during these times is more authentic than anything I can direct.

I will be more hands on during family portraits to make sure they flow seamlessly. During your portraits, I’ll give you and your partner plenty of direction to get the best possible shots.



Your big day! Your job is to show up, and enjoy the crap out of it. My job is to know who and what are important to you, and document it.





The best photos happen when you have no idea that you're being photographed. I promise you that real is more memorable and interesting than perfect when it comes to photography.




The best memories happen naturally, I’ll be there to catch them.